Retirement Visa For Bali

Want to retire and live in a stress free tropical paradise? Bali is the place for you!

It has been made relatively straightforward for foreigners wanting a retirement visa for Bali to access one from as low as 60 years of age. Retiring in Bali will allow you multiple entries to and from Indonesia, as well as other benefits such as leasing land and property under your name, having an Indonesian bank account and applying for an Indonesian drivers license.

With a retirement visa for Bali, access the many offers and discounts available for retirees at restaurants, attractions, tourist parks and hospitals.

Bali Legals have helped thousands of people retire in Bali. Retirement visa for Bali details below;

Retirement KITAS (Index 319)

Please note this visa is not able to be used to sponsor the dependent KITAS.
Currently only onshore application that is available.

Validity: up to 5 years ; Initial stay : 1 year.


– Applicants must be at least 60 years old

– Copy of valid passport at least 18 months

– Retirement Income statement/Bank statement with minimum funds USD 2500 or equivalent

– Health / life insurance policy

– Current address in Bali

– Copy of Bali property’s lease agreement

– Copy of property owner’s ID

– Copy of Indonesian housekeeper’s /driver’s ID

– Digital photo ( 3×4 cm, white background)

– Fully vaccination digital certificate

– Domicile letter from local banjar

– Police report

Processing time :

  • Conversion current visa at local immigration office takes approximately 14 working days. After local immigration issued the conversion visa letter approval we then continue to submit at district office.
  • The approval process of visa conversion letter at district office takes approximately 3 working days. After the approval from district office issued we will have the letter to be submitted to directorate general immigration office in Jakarta
  • The approval process at directorate general immigration office in Jakarta takes approximately 7 working days and after we have the approval we continue the final process at local immigration office.
  • The final process of the KITAS as local immigration office takes approximately 14 working days.

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