Entertainment KITAS For Bali

Are you a musician, a singer, or a DJ? Are you an artist, art director, model or a dancer? Or maybe you’re an actor, actress, sports coach or circus performer?

If you have a dream of living and working in Bali and are an entertainer, artist or perfomer of some sort, then the Entertainment KITAS for Bali maybe the visa for you.

An Entertainment KITAS for Bali, also known as an Artist or Freelancer KITAS, is a legal work permit visa that is valid for 6 months, without the need of having an employer to apply. The sponsorship will be provided by our company.

Entertainment KITAS – 6312

• Photo or scan copy of the first page of your passport (valid for a minimum of 18 month)
• Copy of Health insurance (min. One month)
• Copy of Bachelor Degree Certificate in English
• Copy of a Recommendation letter or a certificate of the spesialist occupation
• Curriculum (CV)
• Bank Statement with a minimum amount of 1500 USD
• Detail information of foreigner such as email address, phone number, address in Bali, area work, and occupation.

Entertainment KITAS has 2 options of service:
• Offshore Service
• Onshore Service

Entertainment KITAS are available to, but not limited to, the following;

  • Art Director
  • Music Director
  • Musician
  • Singer
  • Disc Jockey
  • Show Manager
  • Film Director
  • Actress/Actor
  • Dancer
  • Acrobatic
  • Circus Performer
  • Bodyguard
  • Bowling Coach
  • Artist
  • Magician
  • Fashion Model
  • Sport Consultant
  • Boxing Promoter
  • Referee
  • Football Coach
  • Table Tennis Coach
  • Volleyball Coach
  • Softball Coach
  • Polo Coach
  • Badminton Coach
  • Surfing Coach
  • Swimming Coach
  • Synchronized Swimming Coach
  • Boxing Coach
  • Judo Coach
  • Diving Coach
  • Taekwondo Coach
  • Athletic Coach
  • Karate Coach
  • Golf Coach
  • Volleyball Player
  • Football Player
  • Basketball Player
  • Boxer


Note: This KITAS is not extendable. Should you wish to continue to work you need to cancel the current KITAS and apply for a new one.


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