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Our Bali visa services include helping you with any legal documents, contracts and procedures such as Business Licenses, Property Document, Visa Extensions, Visa Consultants, etc. That you may require while you’re in Bali.

Whether you want to extend your holiday, purchase property or set up a business we can cater for all your legal documents requirements.

So, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. Whether it’s Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, France, Germany, Ukraine or anywhere for that matter. We can set up your company and relocate you to Bali.

Feel free to browse through our site to find any information you may require.

About Bali Legals

Bali Legals is a boutique and wholly Australian owned company that provides solutions and legal services that are trusted, relevant, consistent and professional.
The Director runs the day to day management of Bali Legals which requires them to hold a very high and solid understanding coupled with many years of experience to run the business and operational objectives needed to ensure the greatest potential for success for all of Bali expat’s legal needs.

With this experience and understanding in mind, they have built a strong team with broad and very focused skill sets to accomplish the best possible outcomes for expatriates, living, working, investing, building a business or even marrying in Bali.

We have created a structure that provides solid communication through every step of the process. We provide the time together with a strong plan and a focused team that works towards goals and deadlines to maximize your satisfaction and success.

We give you the Best Trusted Solution and Service by providing operational excellence, service leadership and customer confidentiality.

Our Commitment

Bali Legals demonstrates our alliance with all of our existing clients by our consistently progressive commitment to customer service. This customer support infrastructure enables us to offer our clients complete satisfaction and excellence of service, which exceeds client expectation while maintaining a cost pro-active attitude of care within our own organization.

At Bali Legals we ensure that our clients are kept up to date and informed on the progress and of any regulation changes at all times. We respond to each individual’s needs from application to completion.

Bali visa services

Experienced, transparent and customer focused visa services for anyone wanting to visit or stay in Bali

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