B211A Business Visa For Bali

If you have business you need to attend to in Bali, then the B211A business visa for Bali is the visa for you.

The B211A business visa for Bali allows you to attend business meetings, business talks, industry seminars, negotiations and exhibitions and to be able to control any of your projects or investments.

Examples of what you are able to do on this visa are below;

Business meetings – Allowing you to discuss and negotiate elements of your business and to sign business related contracts. This does not allow you to supervise everyday activities such as production as this is a regular activity.

Government official visits – Carrying out various duties as a government appointed official

Purchasing – Purchasing goods or equipment for your business

Note: This visa is for business purposes only. It is not a work permit and you cannot get paid in Indonesia whilst on this visa.

Single Entry Visa Business Purpose (B211A)

Validity: Initial stay is 60 days starting from the day the visa holder arrives at the Airport
Cost: IDR 7.250.000
Includes (Sponsorship Fee, Visa fee, approval and e-Visa)
Changing sponsor of the visa after issued incurs a cost of 250k transfer fee


  • Copy of valid passport at least 12 months
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Digital photograph passport size red or white background
  • Personal bank account with minimum USD 2000 or equivalent

Processing time:

  • Processing the e-Visa 5-7 working days

After the e-Visa is issued, we will forward it to the applicant email and the applicant can arrange the plan to enter Indonesia accordingly. The e-Visa is valid for 90 days for the visa holder to enter Indonesia and upon arrival the visa will be valid for 60 days.

The visa holder will require to provide the following documents upon arrival for border check and non-quarantine policy:

  • Valid passport
  • e-Visa
  • Original vaccine card or electronic vaccine certificate

B211A Visa Terms:

  • 2 months initial stay when arrived in Indonesia
  • Can extend the visa for up to 2 times
  • Each extension will be valid for 60 days
  • Additional cost for extension IDR 2.8 mill per extension
  • To start the extension at least 7 working days before current visa expired

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