Property Due Diligence

Balinese Property Due Diligence

You wouldn’t buy or rent a property in your own country without knowing it’s all legal so why would you do it in Bali? Investing your hard earned money in your dream property overseas is a big investment and you ned to know your 100 safe. More often than not the land owners are different from the building owners and there can be more than one contract in place. Here at Bali Legals we offer due diligence on your investment. We check who all the owners are and translate all documents and contracts into English fir you while assisting with your own contract. Don’t just sign up on the spot. Come to us first. That way you know your safe.

When looking to buy or rent property or land in Bali it is highly recommended that you take out due diligence on your investment to check that your purchase is 100% safe and legal.

Here at Bali Legals we can do that for you.

Our process is thorough and extensive and includes:

1: Check land documents and status of title

2: Land details

3: Order of ownership

4: Legal attachments and encumbrances

5: Subleases or other rights to land

6: Litigation or court orders

7: Building, zoning and environmental rights and regulations

8: Land accessed by public road


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